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Upset Prevention and Recovery

Training Center

The Agenda

Today's sophisticated avionics often distract pilots with the variety of procedures they require and large number of components they contain. This kind of distraction during conventional training programs prevents the pilot from focusing on some of the most essential elements of flying. Simulator training, becoming increasingly more common, also presents unique problems for pilots trying to learn new technique. Only in actual aircraft can a pilot encounter true stall and spin characteristics.

The Programs

From a student pilot, to CFIs, and all the way to Airline Transport Pilots, everyone can benefit from Upset Prevention & Recovery Training. We offer UPRT programs tailored for each and every pilot type as well as every skill level. Our instructors work with you or your company to asses your needs and design a highly customized program to achieve the greatest efficiency and training knowledge for every pilot. We also offer aerobatic flight training programs for those aviation daredevils.

About Us

From our world-class instructors, our state-of-the-art aircraft and programs, all the way to our prime location on Long Island, NY, in the midst of some of the most challenging airspace to fly, Vxperts Aviation takes no shortcut when it comes to properly training and certifying pilots to handle situations and perform maneuvers that save lives. Call or E-mail us anytime to find out more about the next steps towards UPRT for yourself or your company. We look forward to hearing from you about your unique training needs.

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