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About Us

The Instructor
David Windmiller - Chief Pilot
  • A US Team aerobatic pilot.

  • Ratings: SE, ME, Land, Sea, Rotorcraft, Glider, Turbo Prop, Turbo Jet, CFI, MEI...

  • Experience: 18,000+ hours TT, 8000+ hours of actual unusual attitude flying and instruction.

David's Drive: 

“…After 18,000+ hours of flying over 36 years I have seen way too many accidents that could and should have been avoided. The lack of knowledge, skill or a combination of both, allowed these horrific disasters to happen…”

For more about David and Team Windmiller, visit


The Plane
Extra EA-300
  • ​2-seat Aerobatic Capable Aircraft

  • Max Speed: 216kn

  • Stall Speed: 55kn

  • Roll Rate: 400 degress per sec.

We use the Extra 300 for in-plane flight missions, because of its ability to provide the instructor and student the opportunity to practice extreme loss-of-control scenarios in a safe manner.

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